Design for Digital

At Greybox Creative, we believe that the key to a successful business is a successful website, as it is the only channel that allows your business to engage directly on a regular basis with your customers. A successful website not only generates a relationship between the company and the customer, it also establishes a trust in the brand.

Greybox Creative offer an all-round digital service including website planning and architecture, website design, website programming, HTML email campaigns, banner adverts and other digital projects.

When it comes to building websites, we have a distinct ethos surrounding our three-stage process that has been perfected over the years:

The first stage focuses on planning the website strategy and architecture to understand what the client hopes to accomplish and prepare the functional aspects of the site.

Following this is the design stage, where we focus on creating a beautiful looking, fully functional website that portrays your business in the way you want your customers to view you.

Finally, we develop the website using current programming techniques. Once this is complete, we perform rigorous testing to ensure the website is ready to go live.

Each core stage is equally important and with this strict regime, we are confident in creating an efficient and prosperous website. 

Strategy, Architecture and planning

At Greybox Creative, we have two planning stages, Strategy and Architecture, to help us understand your website goals. Using wire frames and site plans, we prepare the functional aspects of the site including the framework, user experience and navigation system.

Website design

We understand that a flawless website design promotes your business by grabbing the attention of a potential customer, which is why there are four main components that we bear in mind when design your website: User Experience & Navigation, Aesthetics, Brand Consistency and Individuality.

Web development

The website development process includes all the technical coding and programming elements, as well as a rigorous testing process. We also offer a website hosting service or content management system, depending on your needs.

Responsive websites

As smartphone and tablet browsing is rapidly becoming the preferred way of surfing the web, having a mobile-friendly website is extremely important. Greybox Creative offer a full service for responsive websites to ensure your site works across a vast range of screen sizes.

HTML email campaigns

Reach out to your customers in a personal and direct way by setting up a HTML email campaign. This versatile mode of communication instantly informs your audience of important news updates and new product adverts, as well as keeping your brand fresh in their minds.

Banner adverts

Greybox Creative offer a complete banner advert service that covers the initial creative concept through to the shape and size. We are happy to develop banners from existing campaigns to provide you with a powerful and striking advertisement.