Design for Print

Although we thoroughly enjoy engaging with all digital aspects of design, Greybox Creative have a strong background in traditional print and value the importance of seeing, feeling and smelling print on paper.

With 30 years of experience under our belt, we know everything there is to know about printing techniques, from traditional methods to contemporary digital processes. We offer bespoke services to ensure that your print design is tailored to your company’s needs and with unrivalled attention-to-detail; we can produce salient designs that successfully communicate your brand.

We are flexible with the way we work, which means we are happy to take full control by planning the content and pagination and sourcing copywriters and images, as well as developing the page layout and creative direction of the project. However, if a brief, copy or images are supplied by the client, we can focus all our attention on the design.

The printed items we design vary enormously, with past projects ranging from small quarter-page press adverts and visual mock-ups, through to entire front of house signage and full scale twenty-storey building advertisements. In other ventures we have also supplied packaging and supporting literature for TV and film, such as DVD cases, promotional items and information booklets, as well as blue-back tour posters for roadside advertising.

Our passion for paper means that that quality is never compromised. By working with first-rate print suppliers we create superior printed literature.
Whether you require just one of our services or a full advertising campaign, we will provide precise print designs that are suitable for your company.


As each advertising campaign differs from the next, we can create variety of advertisements on a variety of platforms, including vehicle advertising, billboard campaigns, direct mail, digital banner adverts, and newspaper and magazine adverts of any size, ranging from small


Reunite your target audience with the pleasurable experience of leafing through a brochure, whilst communicating your corporate message or products. Greybox Creative offer a variety of bespoke brochure services to create Corporate, Sales, and Product Publications as well as Report & Account Brochures.

Business stationery

Branded stationery is mandatory for any company, as the quality of the product creates a lasting impression every time it is used. Therefore, Greybox Creative design an array of corporate stationery, including business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, application forms, NCR order pads and plastic membership cards.

DVD packaging

Greybox Creative have designed CD and DVD packaging for over a decade and produced designs for some of the UK’s biggest comedians. Services can consist of just the outer package design and disc illustration or include the extra elements, such as the information booklets, promotional flyers and point of sale items that accompany the product launch.


Sourcing the right image is often problematic, which is why Greybox Creative offer a selection of illustrative services, such as photo retouching and image manipulation, as well as visual mock-ups to help their client envisage how the design will look when the project has been finalised.

Magazine / Newsletters

We understand that publications are an important aspect for a business of any size, as they inform employees and customers of recent and relevant information. Therefore, we can help with every feature of your newsletter or magazine, including the creative direction, content, layout, pagination, copywriting and imagery.


Whether the purpose of your poster is to motivate staff or promote a world tour, Greybox Creative produce a variety of different poster designs, including blue-back tour posters for roadside advertising and branded wall art to decorate office space.


Greybox Creative specialise in providing signage for complete buildings, which includes reception décor, site plans, directional signs and window mock-ups. Smaller scale signage can also be produced, such as vinyl stickers, Perspex logos, window frosting and banners.