Identity systems

A brand is not just a logo. A brand is a set of assets that are created to accompany your logo to create a clear and consistent image of your brand. Often, these assets can include a vast array of items, such as graphic devices, stationery and brochures, that are presented in various fonts, sizes and colours. To ensure that your brand remains consistent and delivers the same strong message on each asset, a Corporate Identity System is necessary.

What is a Corporate Identity System?
A Corporate Identity System is created to document these assets that make up your brand. Often created at the initial stage, the Corporate Identity System demonstrates the versatility of a logo and how it translates across many different platforms and mediums. It works as a visual reference booklet, which is essential for external suppliers to refer to and ensure consistency is maintained when developing new assets. 

At Greybox Creative, we often get asked if we can “just design a logo” for clients, and this can be a quick and economical fix in some cases. However, this “quick fix” does not prepare for future application of the logo as it is only a partial solution, which means that brands often end up weakened later on due to it being presented inconsistently on other mediums. Had the client asked for a Corporate Identity System to accompany the logo, these inconsistencies could be avoided and the brand would remain strong.

We understand that budgets are often tight, which is why we are happy to discuss the size of your Corporate Identity Systems in order to minimize the risk of problems in the future.

Scope of Work

  • Corporate guidelines
  • Identity books