Responsive websites

A responsible approach…

Smartphone and tablet browsing is rapidly becoming the favored way of surfing the web and as this behaviour rises, so does the importance of having a mobile-friendly website.  The days when everyone viewed websites on large computer screens are over and as smartphones continue to increase in popularity, the ‘one size fits all’ strategy is quickly becoming extinct. With new devices such as watches, TVs and giant projectors arriving on the scene, the need to build a website that will work across a vast range of screen sizes is becoming ever more important.

Because of the advance in internet speeds, outdoor hotspots, and the increasing data allowance for mobile users, the primary platform for mobile users is also on the rise. Therefore, if your website is not successfully translated via the myriad of diverse screen sizes then it will become overlooked, with customers alternatively choosing companies who have opted for the responsive website platform.

Greybox Creative offer a full service for responsive websites, which includes the planning, design and build of your entire site.