Brand strategy and naming

Because branding conveys your business’ commitment to their customers, services and products, Greybox Creative take a step-by-step approach to establish a strong brand strategy that is right for your business.  The six stages of this process are:

Initially, we’ll do some research by looking closely at your company’s position in the industry.  We need to understand your business, its strengths and its weaknesses, as well as feedback from your customers and a thorough competitive analysis.

Developing a name for your company or product can be difficult and daunting when tackled single-handedly.  Outsourcing the naming process is an unbiased approach to the overwhelming task, as it removes any sentiment surrounding the business.

Brand Promise
Establishing a brand promise is important as it is a clear and concise way of communicating with your audience. A statement that is not only strong but also sincere, forms a trust between yourselves and your customer, encouraging brand loyalty.

Your brands personality is a way of subtly conveying your company’s position in the industry, as well as affecting how your customer relates to you. There are five dimensions to a brand personality, so it’s important to have a clear idea which dimension best fits your company’s persona:
Sincerity (domestic, cheerful, honest, friendly)
Excitement (daring, contemporary, unique, imaginative)
Competence (reliable, dependable, intelligent, technical)
Sophisticated (glamorous, charming, upper-class)
Ruggedness (tough, strong, outdoorsy)
At Greybox Creative we will work closely with you to find which persona best fits your company, which is turn will impact the whole process.

Tone of Voice
The tone of voice is a key element of your brand personality as it is the way that your brand expresses itself through the written word. It’s the voice that is heard across all communications and should be consistent throughout.

Tag line
A tagline can help your brand speak to your customers and creates a lasting impression. It is part of the brand’s personality and reassures your customer that they are buying into the whole experience of your brand. A strong, memorable tagline is great form of advertising and should work in conjunction with your logo and company name to provide the highest impact.
As each project is unique, we offer each service individually or as a full brand strategy to ensure that we work within your branding budget.