Website design

Design matters. It’s the first thing that customers see when they visit a website and can often impact their decision on choosing your company over your competitors.

Therefore, a flawless design is the only opportunity you have to grab a potential customer’s attention and promote your business.

At Greybox Creative, are four main components that we bear in mind when design a website:

1) User Experience & Navigation – On average, 55% of website visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds actively on a webpage, which means getting the navigation of your website right is vital. We work hard to ensure that your website is user-friendly by making the navigation simple and intuitive.

2) Aesthetics – Having worked closely with website programmers for many years, we’ve developed a good understanding of design and understand that it is important your website looks great on all devices, from MacBook’s to smart phones. At Greybox, we pride ourselves on being able to find a fine balance between your website looking good on every devices as well as it being technically efficient.

3) Brand Consistency – In order to build trust and loyalty among your customers, it’s important to communicate your brand throughout your site creates a visual communication between your company and your customers.

4) Individuality – We offer a bespoke service to every client, which means that we start every website design from scratch with a completely blank canvas. We don’t believe in website templates, we believe in creating a completely unique website that fits with your company.

Whilst we offer a full website service, which includes planning, designing and developing your site, we are also happy to just take on just the design part and work alongside your own development team.