Strategy, Architecture and planning

Building a successful website can be a long and complicated process and if the initial planning stage is not executed correctly, many unforeseen problems and delays can materialize later on in the design and development processes.

At Greybox Creative, we thrive on the challenge of getting your websites structure planned right down to the finest detail.  Our three website development stages (Plan, Design and Build) are all equally important, and if followed precisely, will allow us to create the best possible website for your business.

In today’s competitive marketplace, everyone is fighting for the search engine top spot – a feat that is only attained if the website’s content and framework is correct.

At Greybox, we have two planning stages: Strategy and Architecture.

Strategy helps us understand your website goals and what you hope to accomplish. We research your target audiences, how we can provide valuable information to your visitors, the different frameworks available, and the content we plan to include.

Architecture’s main focus is the aesthetics, user interface and experience, and functional aspects of the site, which are outlined through site plans and wire frames. Our attention is on the user requirements, how the visitor will interact with the design and whether the navigation system is intuitive and accessible.