Case Study

Wembley board game

Gibsons – Board Game Redesign
Type of industry: Jigsaw Puzzles & Board Games

Established in 1919, Gibsons are an independent jigsaw puzzle and board game company based in Sutton, Surrey.
Gibsons required Greybox to redesign the packaging and components of their retro board game, Wembley. As the game was originally released back in the early 1960s, Gibsons wanted to combine the game’s nostalgic charm with a modern design.
In keeping with the classic colours, Greybox created a smart and striking box design and updated everything inside the box, including the game board, money tokens and team cards. The original, over-complicated board was simplified, resulting in a contemporary and compelling game design.

Scope of Work

  • Packaging redesign
  • Game board redesign
  • Design of money tokens and team cards
  • Design of game rules