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Amazon Charitable Trust website

Greybox are delighted to launch the new website for The Amazon Charitable Trust (ACT).

05 August 2016

The Amazon Charitable Trust (ACT) was established in 2009 for the sole purpose of developing, designing, constructing and delivering an innovative, replicable ‘blueprint’ project in the Brazilian Amazon that creates a sustainable business model for a local population enabling the community to continue to act as guardians of the rainforest.

ACT strives to protect and conserve large areas of the pristine Amazon rainforest, focussing on areas such as climate change and biodiversity. ACT is motivated by the philosophy that endangered ecosystems of the world will only be successfully conserved with the participation and development of local communities.

Greybox were commissioned by the Amazon Charitable Trust to plan, design and build a new website. Using our very own SASS powered responsive framework and the latest version of ExpressionEngine, Ellis Lab’s popular and professional content management system, we hand crafted a bi-lingual, fully responsive website.

We also used additional third party modules to assist in creating an easy to manage, user (and SEO) friendly content managed website, including EEHarbor’s Transcribe module to handle and manage the language translations, Bjorn Borresen’s SEO Lite module to dynamically handle the META Data and Ben Croker’s Sitemap Module to handle the search engine listings.

In addition, we also used image manipulation tools to handle cropping and image re-sizing on the fly, essential for controlling image manipulation and keeping within design requirements.