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Mind the gap card game

Mind the Gap! Greybox design packaging for new card game.

15 March 2017

All Aboard!

We have been working on a quirky new product for the family owned, independent board game and jigsaw puzzle company, Gibsons.

Having previously worked on the redesign of their classic board game, Wembley, Gibsons hired us to design the packaging and components of their new, quick-play card game, Mind the Gap. Officially licensed by Transport for London, the card game encourages players to discard their cards by matching them with the coloured tube line from a previous card, and to ultimately be the first to discard their entire hand.
The only requirements were that the packaging must be small and compact to ensure that the game could be enjoyed when on the move. Therefore, we took inspiration from the iconic London Underground roundel and based the tin design around the recognisable TfL logo to create a quirky and striking shape. We then added the London Underground tube lines to the sides and back of the tin to link with the playing card artwork and break up any white space.
Artwork designs were needed for both sides of the playing cards, so we lifted a section of the London Underground tube map and combined it with the Mind the Gap logo for the back of the cards. As the aim of the game is to match the coloured lines of differing tube lines, the front of the cards had to be designed methodically to match the tube lines that occur at each station in Zones 1-3.
Finally, Gibsons required designs for the ‘fun fact cards’ and game rules. We used a photograph of an underground station to differentiate these cards from the rest of the pack, which ensures that they can be easily separated during gameplay.
The finished product is smart, sleek and extremely eye-catching. The unique design means that it can either be merchandised standing upright or laying flat on its back, making it the perfect size for large department stores or tiny gift shops.